Spain-Barcelona Jardin de la Rambla de Sants Train Road FOLLOW

The transformation project of the Sants old railway (Jardin de la Rambla de Sants) line in Barcelona, ​​which was started in 2012 for the urban renewal project and completed in 2016 by Sergi Godia and Ana Molino Project Team, where Barcelona's entrance was made from Sants Square; As can be seen in Figure 1, it comes to the fore when the line is raised from the ground and transformed into a green area. This project in Barcelona is an urban transformation project of 20,000 m2, inspired by the High Line in New York and the Promenade Plantée project in Paris.

Figure 1. Jardin de la Rambla de Sants Park in Barcelona

After the old transportation line, which continues for about 800 meters, caused noise and urban problems in the city, transformation and re-functioning operations were approved with a decision taken by the city administration. As can be seen in Figure 2, in this old railway line, which is 12 meters above the street level, 760 meters long and 30 meters wide walkways were obtained, with approximately 160 trees and 85000 vegetation in the middle, sitting areas and crowded groups. venues have been created. In the transformation section called the green corridor at the top of the Jardin de la Rambla de Sants project, visitors can both get away from the city density and enjoy the view of the city from the terraces above the park. Since the park is built on a raised column structure along the rail transportation system, which continues to work actively in the lower part, pedestrians can see the trains passing through the ground floor from the glass-covered surfaces between the columns carrying the park.

Figure 2. Jardin de la Rambla de Sants Park in Barcelona